Parasailing in Kekova

Parasailing in Kekova

Parasailing is a combination of parachuting, paragliding and sailing that will provide you with an unforgettable experience! Enjoy the view from high above the sea. See the vast surface of the Mediterranean and the stunning coast of Kekova while taking in this calm moment.


Friends and family can board as well for free, even if they do not fly. You can also take your belongings on the boat and we’ll keep them safe. On the boat, you receive a short introduction and as soon as the parachute is set up and ready we clip you in.


All you have to do now is sit down comfortably on the platform specifically designed for this as you take off directly from the boat. You can experience a very safe and gentle take off. The motorboat tows you alone or up to 3 people, with a total max. weight of 250 kg, for 10 min. If you’d like to experience some action we can let you go lower and fly giving you the opportunity to dip your feet in the water. You then land softly on the boat with standing up on your feet.

Included services

– Life jacket
– Motorboat with a driver
– Safety instructions
– Videos/Photos (you can bring your own camera and we take pictures for you)


– Minimum age: up to 14 years only accompanied by an adult
– Maximal weight per parachute: 250kg
– Physical health
– Swimming ability

From: £25.00